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How to clean your baskets?

☼ 海草為天然材質,請放置於通風處,當商品有髒污時,可用牙刷或毛刷輕輕刷除灰塵。

☼ 若有發霉狀況時,可用濕布清理後,放置在通風處曬乾, 抑或以電風扇、除濕劑將籃子吹乾。  

☼ 當有較嚴重的髒污或發霉時,請直接以帶有力道的蓮蓬頭沖洗乾淨, 並放置大太陽底下曬2-3天,

Our seagrass baskets are hand crafted from sustainable materials in Vietnam.
Seagrass is a renewable resource which grows between water and soft soil.
As seagrass grows it captures carbon from the environment and contributes positively to the local marine ecology.

Every seagrass basket is woven and coloured using natural processes over several days and weeks.
As seagrass is a natural material you may find your basket develops some small mold patches,
in this case you simply need to wash the entire basket under a powerful tap,
ensure the basket is in the correct shape and dry in the sun for 24-48 hours.
This process will strengthen and clean the basket.